Medical Outreach Ministry

The church is supposed to be expected to be balanced by supporting people both physically & spiritually. The reason we are on earth is not just to fulfil the spiritual calling but also to do physical earthy work. As a church we can’t only serve people souls without helping the bodies. As a result, we have always carried out a health outreach for the community where we mobilise doctors and health workers, buy medicine and other equipments and help diagonise and treat Peoples different illnesses.. this includes doing health education, counseling, support in terms of free medicine, food etc. In every outreach we support between 500 to 700 families which enjoy our support.¬†

We give free  medicine to the sick, special care for the elders, and this has touched not only their spiritual lives but also their Physical well-being. We also invite the community to receive medical services within the church building, free of charge. 200-300 families are treated in one day. They also receive prayers. In this wonderful journey, thousands have given their life to Christ and thousands have been healed.