Helping those in need

“That when I was sick you checked on me.” Checking on the sick, supporting and helping the needy, healing the sick was at the core of Jesus ministry. In February 2021, over 90 elders were helped to get free treatment & health services. The notable ones are people who had failed to access their medicine for diabetes and we had to support them. The elders have brought us this far, they have built a foundation on which we lie, unfortunately many are in deplorable conditions due to sickness or even being abandoned by their children. As a ministry, we can’t forget our elders. The good shepherd looked for the one lost sheep and brought it in the flock. We are committed to support these elderly and by God’s grace, over 90 elderly were blessed

Food is a major basic need in life. Most of the people in Kampala live a life of hands to mouth. Covid 19 pandemic has made it hard for many people and families to live in Kampala. Although we keep preaching the word of God because we believe when people know Jesus, it’s the beginning of their success, we also reach out to the vulnerable and those in need and give them food items. Like the word of God in Mathew 7:19 that we shall see them by their fruits. The word of God has manifested through provision of food items to people of this kind. We thank all our partners and friends that have made it possible for us to be able to bless these people.