About Us

Who We are

Jesus worship center is a place of worship. Exhaulting Jesus is who we are, praising and uplifting his name is what we believe. When we do so, Jesus does his work in us & through us. We are a ministry that focuses on ensuring that people know Jesus, love him and serve him.

We believe that in seeking the Kingdom of God first, we are assured of all other things, Jesus is the insurance,  assurance & a guarantee for prosperity and everlasting life.  God has blessed us, and through us many more people have been blessed.

Like Jesus asked us to go and preach his word and to baptize those who will accept, come and be part of this incredible journey.

The youth Changer Program

We organise two conferences for students per year which target the youth especially the students. World changers service runs from 4 to 6 every Sunday. We always put out a service for youths towards going to school where we give them scholastic materials in partnership with Summaritans purse.  Many times between 200 to 400 students always benefit from this program. We talk to them about areas of temptation so that they can stick to their education.

Our Statements of faith

There is one God Deut 6:4 and Mathew 16:7

Jesus is the son of God (2nd Person of God Head) Mathew 1:18-25

The Bible is God’s Word (Flawless in original text) 2 Timothy 3:16

All have sinned and need to be saved Romans 3:23

Jesus died, was buried and rose again 1 Corinthians 15:4

Jesus is the only way to eternal life John 14:6

Water baptism (immersion) in water Matthew 28:19; 26:26-29

Baptism of the Holy Spirit (full-indwelling) Mark 16: 17-18

 Jesus Christ is coming again in power and glory Acts 1:11

The dead will rise again to eternal life 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17.

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